Listening to the band members of Kentucky Street Pioneers explain how their band formed is like hearing an old married couple tell you how they got together. The salient points of the story are the same, but different versions and charmingly incriminating details come to light depending on who you’re talking to. Here is what can be agreed upon:  Antony Benedetti (vocals, acoustic guitar, and songwriter) met Jared Spires (harmony vocals, brass, acoustic guitar, and harmonica) at an open mic. The two (eventually) became friends, and musical compatriots. When Antony suggested putting a band together, Nick Muchow (drums), yet another open mic regular, was the first round percussion draft pick. For electric guitar, the call went to Ian Benedetti: in addition to being a phenomenal guitarist and another staple of the open-mic-musician-hang-out-crew, he was also Antony’s younger brother. The bass chair was filled by Matt Yenni who brought decades of punk-band bass slinging energy to the table.

“Hold the bus! Let me off at Kentucky Street, where those pioneering muses of musicality, officially, Kentucky Street Pioneers, have alchemically altered the sonic atmosphere with a wicked concoction of West Coast Americana mixed with East Coast Pop, a dash of Southern swamp sound, some Northern chill CSN harmonies, finished off with some rather tasty kickin’ brassy bits and whaalaaa… KSP! This new amalgamation of muses just may go somewhere in the world at large. So, when you see that Kentucky Street Pioneers are playing near you, simply GO! They’ll bus you to a rather enjoyable new place in music and in mind. Take my word at that!”

– Robert Joseph musician/booker